Moonshrimp Brewing 

Truly Gluten Free

Introducing our newest beer, Theia.


A truly gluten free ale wine, this beer weighs in at 10.1%. Brewed under the full moon with a 120 minute boil and fermented during the solar eclipse, Theia was made using 3 different yeast types and finished with fresh local honey. Ready to enjoy from the beer window starting on Halloween.

More detail available on the Facebook page.

Beer now available online to most states, click here to be taken to retailers page. 

Best shipping rate is for 6 or 12 bottles, mix and match any beer or brewery. Fairy Food, our beer window exclusive, is available from the online retailer but cannot be found on store shelves.

Kegs Currently Available:

These are the 1/6th barrel kegs of beer currently available from us, either to retailers or directly to the public:

1x One Small Step IPA

Current as of 2/10/18 - More kegs to come shortly.

If you are interested in a keg, please use our contact page and get in touch.

Beer To Go Window-
Tuesday noon to 7pm open to the public for to go sales.

Come by and see us on a Tuesday and pick up some delicious beer to go!

8428 SW 22nd Ave, Portland OR.

Credit cards accepted on all purchases of $5 and over.

Sorry, no tours or tastings, the city refused to zone us for that.

Moonshrimp's goal is to make delicious beer available for all. For too long those who can't consume gluten have missed out on tasty, dynamic, craft beers. Moonshrimp is here to change that. 

Truly Gluten free and Vegan...Always.

What do we mean when we say gluten free and vegan?

  • No wheat, barley, malt, or other gluten source anywhere in the brewery property, ever.
  • No oats or oat products regardless of certifications or source.
  • All brand new equipment to eliminate the possibility of residual gluten.
  • No geletain or isenglass used to clarify the beer.
  • No honey (except in Theia).
  • All verified beet sugar (cane sugar is objectionable to some vegans due to the way it is processed).
  • No food is allowed in the brewing or bottling area at any time, ever. 

Moonshrimp beer does not contain actual shrimp. 

The story behind the name: Seeing Differently.

Most people look up at the full moon and see a face, the man in the moon, looking back at them but Brewer Dan has always seen and done things differently. His entire life he has instead seen a shrimp laying on a cracker, ready to become a snack. Thus Moonshrimp Brewing and "See Things Differently" were born and a new way of making gluten free beer developed.

The Moonshrimp in its native habitat.

For retailers looking to carry our beer, please contact [email protected]