Moonshrimp Brewing LLC

See Things Differently 

The Basics

Kickstarter Campaign was Successful, the Brewery Has Been Funded!

Click here to watch the brewery's progress, a recent mention of Moonshrimp Brewing in the news HERE.

While there were many supporters of the Moonshrimp Brewing kickstarter campaign, the following supporters deserve special recognition for pledging so generously.

Thank you very much to the follow people for their huge support of Moonshrimp Brewing, without them the brewery would not exist.
Les Sheppard, Beth Shuman, Susan Tolle, Nick Pilkington, Lexie Briggs, Don Bradford and Mary Hughes.

Moonshrimp's goal is to make delicious beer available for all. For too long those who can't consume gluten have missed out on tasty, dynamic, craft beers. Moonshrimp is here to change that. 

Gluten free and Vegan...Always.

What do we mean when we say gluten free and vegan?

  • No wheat, barley, malt, or other gluten source anywhere in the brewery property, ever.
  • No oats or oat products regardless of certifications or source.
  • All brand new equipment to eliminate the possibility of residual gluten.
  • No geletain or isenglass used to clarify the beer.
  • No honey.
  • All verified beet sugar (cane sugar is objectionable to some vegans due to the way it is processed).
  • No food is allowed in the brewing or bottling area at any time, ever. 

Just to clarify, Moonshrimp beer does not contain actual shrimp. 

The story behind the name: Seeing Differently.

Most people look up at the full moon and see a face, the man in the moon, looking back at them but Brewer Dan has always seen and done things differently. His entire life he has instead seen a shrimp laying on a cracker, ready to become a snack. Thus Moonshrimp Brewing and "See Things Differently" were born and a new way of making gluten free beer developed.

The Moonshrimp slightly highlighted for clarity, original photo from NASA and in the public domain.