Moonshrimp Brewing 

Truly Gluten Free


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Is Moonshrimp Brewing open?


Our beer is now making its way out onto store shelves and restaurants. You can also come by the brewery on Tuesdays between noon and 7pm to pick some up from the Beer To Go Window for yourself, cards now accepted.

8428 SW 22nd ave Portland, for those looking for the brewery.

Where can I buy your beer?

Aside from the brewery itself from the Beer To Go Window on Tuesdays, Moonshrimp beverages are currently available from:

- John's Market in Multnomah Village.

- Barbur World Foods at SW Barbur and Capital.

- Market of Choice, most locations.

- Belmont Station at SE Stark and 45th

- Portland U-Brew and Pub in Sellwood.

- Food Front co-op in downtown on NW Thurman and SW in Hillsdale.

- Cheap Charlie's Beer and Wine Superstore in Gresham.

- Corbett Fish House. 

- Uptown Market on Scholls Ferry.

- Hotlips Pizza on Hawthorne.
-Garden Home Marketplace Thriftway
-Palisades Thriftway in Lake Oswego
-Feckin Brewing in Oregon City

Check back as new locations are added frequently. Not all locations have all types of beer.

Moonshrimp?  From the shape on the Moon?

Yes really.  Just like the man on the moon, the Moonshrimp sits majestically above us all.  

Do your beers taste like regular beer?

Pretty close. If our tasters (all of whom drink regular beer) don't pick ours over the competition Dan goes back to the drawing board and tries again until they do.  Moonshrimp doesn't promise that they taste the exact same, but they do taste really good.

Do the beers only come in 22oz bottles? What about growler fills?

Currently the beers will only be available as 22oz bombers. A growler filling option is in the works though and will eventually be available through the brewery directly.

Is this actually beer?  According to the Reinheitsgebot...

The answer depends on who you ask and what you mean.  According to the respected reinheitsgebot or German 'purity law' of 1516 all products of Moonshrimp Brewing are not beer as they contain products other then "barley, hops, and water" but then again, beers also have always contained yeast and so were never really in compliance with the letter of the law to begin with.  The IRS certainly considers these brews to be beer.

Really it comes down to what you want.  It looks like beer and tastes like beer and that is good enough for me.  I hope it is good enough for you too.