Seeing Things Differently

Moonshrimp in glory

Most people look up at the full moon and see the face of the man in the moon looking back at them.

Brewer Dan sees things differently. Instead of a face, Dan has always seen a shrimp laying on a cracker, ready to become a snack. Thus Moonshrimp Brewing and "See Things Differently" were born and a new way of making gluten free beer developed.



Proprietor, and Brewer Extraordinaire

With a background in biochemistry and a love of tasty beverages and experimentation, Brewer Dan has created an impressive body of proof that gluten free beer is delicious. 

When he was diagnosed with Celiac disease, he did not resign himself to a beerless life. He started brewing his own beer. A handful of years and a kickstarter campaign later, Moonshrimp Brewing was born. 

When not brewing, Dan can be found at music festivals, gardening, or reading XKCD comics. 



Chief Instigating Officer

Lindsay is known for her inspirational quotes like, "hey, you should start a brewery."

She is the mastermind behind the Badass Brown Ale and Coffee Porter. She also uses her creative talents to produce labels and signage. 

When not brewing, Lindsay can often be found enjoying the beautiful wilderness of the Pacific NW and other parts of the world. She has also been known to create amazing pieces of original art in a variety of mediums including metal sculpture and blown glass. 



We wouldn't be here without you.

We'd like to give a special thanks to the people who have supported Moonshrimp Brewing over the years. 

Les Shepherd

Beth Shuman 

Debbie McIntosh

Susan Tolle

Nick Pilkington 

Lexie Briggs 

Don Bradford 

Mary Hughes