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Beers (Beer Window Exclusives Coming Soon)

Our Beers, both permanent and seasonal

  All beers are bottle conditioned and aged for best possible taste.  Ingredients are listed for the convenience of those with specific allergens. Individual beers from the permanent collection are $4.25 per 22oz bottle+dep or buy a case for $50 +dep, price for specials is listed in the description. There is no minimum order to pick up beer at the beer window.

Negative Space: Dark Pale Ale-Permanent Collection

A dark colored, light tasting pale ale perfect for a long evening of fun.  Solid hop finishing flavor and light body with a some dark fruit notes on top. 6% ABV and 40 IBU.

Water, Millet, Vegan Sugar from beets, Candied Vegan Sugar (vegan sugar, water, lemon juice for acid), Maltodextrin (corn origin) Hops, Yeast.

Starlight White: White Ale-Permanent Collection

 A very light summery beer with a touch of crisp sweetness and a slight sour tang rounded out with coriander and citrus notes. Light and refreshing. 5.5% ABV and 20 IBU.

Water, Millet, Vegan Beet Sugar, Hops, Orange Peel, Whole Coriander, Yeast.

One Small Step: IPA-Permanent Collection

A dry IPA with rich hop flavor favoring those northwest favorites like Chinook and Cascade hops, 62 IBU and 6.9% ABV.

Water, Millet, Vegan Beet Sugar, Candied Vegan Sugar (vegan beet sugar, water, lemon juice for acid), IPA Hop Mix (Chinook and Cascade Hops), Yeast.

Current Special - Special Release #10 - Bronze Lager

Our first lager! Deep flavor and dark color combined with classic clean lager characteristics. Mineral notes and deep toast characters predominate.

Water, Millet, Candied Vegan Beet Sugar (Vegan Beet Sugar, Water, Lemon Juice for acid content), Belgian Candy Sugar (Beet Sugar), Hops, Molasses, Dry Yeast.

Current Special - Special Release #11 -Hazy White IPA

A hazy IPA version of our Starlight White. Lots of late addition hops and a huge dry hop addition mean a lot of hop flavor without much hop bitters. Orange peel and coriander additions give a nice fruity boost to a delicious beer.

Water, Millet, Vegan Beet Sugar, Hops, Orange Peel, Coriander, Dry Yeast

Beer Window Exclusives

Staring in mid December we will have very small batch beers available directly from the brewery exclusively. There are only three ways to get them, either the Beer Window on Tuesdays, by appointment, or by shipping. Production runs of these beers will be extremely limited, expect as few as 30 bottles (not cases, bottles) of each beer to be available. 

Due to small batch size, available Beer Window Exclusives change rapidly, this list may not always be up to date.

Current and upcoming exclusives are: Old Man Sage gruit, Badass Brown ale.

UPCOMING BEERS: Stay Tuned Here For Upcoming Releases:


Click here to see a list of previously available beers. The more recent of these beers may still be available on store shelves, but are no longer available from the brewery and will not be restocked.