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Going carbon neutral

So Moonshrimp Brewing is moving from being low carbon emitting - through reducing driving, local supplies, and minimal trash - to being carbon neutral, or even carbon negative. While our own attempts to make biochar and sequester carbon away that way are still ongoing (and fun!) we found several other biochar producing companies that sell their carbon offsets. Customers can now buy offsets themselves through our store here online, and we will be buying carbon offsets for the brewery, currently planning on purchasing enough to make 2022 our first year being carbon neutral.

This is a batch of our own biochar, made from a storm damaged tree that came down across a road here in Portland. Our own process isn't very efficient yet, but it does work. This biochar will be mixed with compost and worm castings (partially made from brewery waste) and then used for garden planting. Biochar in the soil stays locked away for hundreds to thousands of years, keeping it out of the air.

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