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What is a Gruit anyway?

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

First things first: Gruit is not beer. It's Gruit.

Before hops became widely available in Europe (around the 9th century), people used herbs and spices when they made their alcoholic beverages.

Brewer Dan started making Gruit in early 2019. His first batch, Old Man Sage, was specially prepared for the NanoBrewfest. Unsure whether tasters would embrace it, Dan only brewed one keg. It was gone halfway through the Brew Fest!

That was all the sign Dan needed. He's been brewing gruits ever since. The Old Man Sage and its subsequent iterations have been extremely popular Beer Window Exclusives. As of this writing, the Gruit is a Black Currant brew, but Old Man Sage will be making a return soon.

Old Man Sage's flavor can be described as smooth, savory instead of bitter, herbal, mild, with a honey finish.

Moonshrimp Brewing's Gruits come in both 22 oz bottles and 16.9 fl oz sizes and have an ABV range of 4.8% to 9%. Custom gruits are available to order

Come by the Beer Window and pick some up! We'd love to see you!

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