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Carbon Offset - fight global warming

Carbon Offset - fight global warming

Ofsett your beer and go carbon negative!

This product is a carbon offset for all the CO2 produced by the manufacture and transport of one case of our beer. You will recieve a certificate to show you bought the carbon credit, and Planboo in Sri Lanka will recieve the funds to turn bamboo agricultural waste into farm supporting biochar. While Moonshrimp Brewing does generate some of our own biochar, we have yet to scale this production, so are offering offsets instead via Planboo.

Here is what Planboo has to say about their biochar work:

"Planboo is on a mission to remove one million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2030 whilst contributing to the reduction of global inequality."

"Planboo is a nature-based carbon removal company, generating verified carbon removal credits from bamboo biochar and other plant waste. The biochar is used for soil amendment, helping to repair damaged agricultural soils in Sri Lanka. All the waste heat produced is captured and used to dry tea leaves in local tea factories. This reduces the need for firewood, limiting deforestation. Mixing the biochar with an organic liquid compost of jungle soil, fish heads and cow urine loads the biochar with nutrients. It's then applied to the soil as a fertilizer, reducing the use of chemicals. The biochar remains there for 100+ years, slowly releasing organic nutrients supporting plant life and permanently removing CO2 from the atmosphere. As the sale price of biochar in Sri Lanka does not cover the cost of production, the carbon credit sale subsidizes the process. This gives grounds for the additionality of our carbon removal credit. Our carbon removal credits are registered with the European Biochar Certificate (EBC), an international voluntary carbon standard developed by the Ithaka Institute in Switzerland."

Most biochar lasts over 500 years in soil, frequently lasting over 1,000 years before returning to the carbon cycle. Paying for the additional creation of more biochar can offset CO2 production, while protecting forests and restoring farm land. 

Planboo will recieve all funds generated from these sales minus 3% credit card fees. 

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